Dark Day for me on 12th April 2020 (ZERO SALES)

What happened to codecanyon on 12th April 2020.

I got 0 sales on 12th April 2020. This never happened to me in the last 1 year. Is this some kind of a glitch

12th April or 12th July? current month is July!
1st date you have 1 sale, 5th date you have 1 sale. So, 12th can be 0 sale. This is not a glitch. If you search in forum you wil find many authors reporting no sale from 4/5 days. sometimes sale can drop, sometimes sale can increse.

It is 12th April 2020. I am getting continuous sales on every day from 1st month till today.

you have continues sale, that’s great! if you very much concern about 12th then you can get in touch with support but I think 12th was just not a good luck day for you.

Seems you are right. It’s may not be a glitch. Just a bad day for me

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