Dansei Theme

Hi, I purchase a theme less than a year ago, and it says that it’s no longer available for download? Thankfully I’ve already installed the theme, but what if I need technical support? Where do I go for that? Also I don’t always immediately install themes or use them for the project they were initially destined for and decide to use them later on for another purpose. Are all themes at risk for being no longer “downloadable”?
Thank you.

Files can be removed by authors as/when they choose, making them no longer accessible. (if it’s within a certain short time frame you would be entitled to a refund).

Unfortunately this is the nature of marketplaces selling 3rd party items and the same with any other site.

Your point of contact for any file related or support queries should be the author (not envato), but be aware that support is only officially guaranteed for the initial 6 months post-purchased after which you may need to sign up for extended support.