DankovThemes doesn't respond to my issue

Hi there! I’ve purchased Pheromone, a Wordpress theme from DankovThemes and have submitted a ticket (will paste it below) half December. I’ve followed this up with some reminders but just don’t get any response. At the themepage it says the author normally replies in 1 business day. It’s very frustrating, that;s why I hope maybe somebody on this forum can tell me if something bad happened to DankovThemes or can help me solve the problems:

  • I don’t get the ‘Read more’ translated into Dutch in the Latest News Style#1 element. The same goes for the ‘Read more’ buttons on the Blog Page. Also, I can’t find the place to translate Previous and Next on the single Blog post page. I’ve installed Loco Translate, translated Read more but nothing changes and I can’t find the strings Previous and Back. Also the language in Wordpress is set in Dutch.
  • I can’t seem to get the header of the Blog page edited: I don’t know how to change the header picture and to show a page title, like on the other pages.
  • How do I get the date published on the blog post page in Dutch format? I’ve already set the right format in General Settings of Wordpress.

[The website is under construction so I can’t put URL’s in this message]

Hi, you can try to contact the author via contact form in his profile:

If you won’t get any reply, then your best bet would be to get in touch with Envato Support: