Damn display:none in Vertigo theme

Hi there! Need you help please. It’s about http://matteodellachiesa.com/vertigo/index.html .
First is that “Our Testimonials” block (you can find it right on the Home page) is invisible if you put it on other page (I did it with “About us”). In my case it’s like this:

Here is the browser code in my case:
This is the original browser code:

See the difference? +owl-loaded class, +additional wrap (outer-stage-outer) and styles.
There are similar js-files in both cases and no js-code in html. So I have no idea how it happens. I suppose it’s all about the weird custom.js, but I am not familiar with JavaScript.
Any ideas? Can you help me?

Looks like your site js has some errors.
You should check it in debug tab and ask theme author for help

Yes, there is
TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is nulldocument.getElementById("skillchart_mozilla").style.display="block";
Well, I will just ask for moneyback. The author doesn’t support.