Cytherea - Beauty Spa

Dear Friends
I have one -two issues on this theme and i dont have the best support.
My first issue is that when i put a new product and put it on category the half of the home page is dissapear
The second problem is that the values are too big and customers cant see the products

Does anyone worked with this theme??

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Contact with your purchase item author @ZoeyThemes right here as a comments hope they will helped


Dear Friend
Thanks for the reply. I have already did that if you see my last comments on their page. also i have sent email direct to the @ZoeyThemes but still not luck. the last answer was beofre one month or more

If you deserve support but item author doesn’t providing support then get in touch with Envato Support Team they will help you to get support.

Thanks for the answer. I already contact with envato support team. I hope they will help me solve some problems

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It seems like Cytherea shouldnt be for sell. 5 days and no answer to post or to email. The template has errors and demo doesn’t import. Why pay for support? It looks like a problem even before the actual situation. Please help!