Cyber Monday : what is going on?

Strange of course. Initially the condition was with rating. I have 1 track with rating 5 star . Though the majority of the tracks which are selected in general without ratings.
Can cancel rating in general?
I apologize for my English.

The condition was canceled for AJ, as it would have been too restrictive.

I apologize. But my track got under a condition “strictly” and it hasn’t been accepted???
I will repeat: if the rating of a song doesn’t influence anything, can clean this function?

Regardless of the ratings, there were limited spots for massive submissions, so the odds of being selected were small.
I agree with you that ratings should be removed since they don’t make much sense for AJ. However they do make sense for other marketplaces like TF, CC, etc. So they chose to keep it in place for AJ as well, for consistencies.

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