Cyber Monday Music - Organised by Genre

I decided to organise the Cyber Monday Music Deals for myself to use as an affiliate but I thought I would share it here in case others find it useful:

Here’s a list of my collections which I hope will help buyers find some of the amazing tracks that didn’t quite make it to the landing page this time. Please check it out, and if you find it useful it would be great if you could rate the collections and share a link on your social networks with your own referral links and maybe we can all benefit from this exposure!

Acoustic Folk
Emotional + Romantic
Fun + Quirky
Funk + Lounge
Hip Hop
Indie Rock
Inspiring Cinematic
Jazz + Blues
Summer + Fashion

All the best,


The links aren’t working for me

   The links aren't working  !!!

Try now - I’ve made the collections public. Does it work?

Real cool collection ))):smiley:

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"World"position don’t work…

Well done @stardiva, they’re working now! You left these ones out from the Rock collection:


Oh, and here’s another Christmas one for you:

Great work!

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Cool idea! I think it’s will be really usefull for buyers! Thanks @stardiva!

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Thanks for including me @stardiva! :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it’s useful for you guys.

Phew, I think I’m finished!! If you notice I left your track out - then leave a comment. If you would like your track to be in a different collection - PM me with the track link and the category you want to be in.


Great! Thanks man @stardiva!

+1 Superb idea @stardiva :+1: You did a hard work & great job! 30 pages are really so much without sorting by category.

Thanks, it was great idea! :slight_smile:

Wow. What a great idea and thanks for including my tracks! That looks like it was a lot of work - how did you do that? Idea: tell us how you did that in a marketing training blog - perhaps get a badge for it :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, i know this is a dumb question: how do i candidate my music for Cyber Monday?:slight_smile:

You’re a little bit late)

I understand. Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t notice any official candidation thread. Maybe the next time! :wink:

Very good,Thanks for your effort :slight_smile: