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What’s the proper way to remove the nominations from Cyber Monday list for the authors that did not receive the selection email ?

We had to complete a google form to nominate our items, but in order to remove our item from the list you want us to “flag our nomination comment” (wich does not exist) in a topic that’s closed. That’s kind of kafkaesque, don’t you think?

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Interesting , it’s whether it’s a letter to someone or not ?

You can go and flag the post, even if closed, But for that you should have made a post before

I saw that fellow authors from AudioJungle received the emails 4 days ago so I suppose the emails for the selected VH items were also sent.

Well , I just followed the rules and nominated the file only through the google form so no , there’s no post for me to flag.

So what I’m asking for is a simple solution for me and other authors to remove our files from the Cyber Monday promotion. Maybe another Google Form …

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Yeah. That could have been better, But now less than 24 Hrs to go, Not sure you will get that form

hmm … I think the chances reduced in getting cyber Monday , then canceled when the condition of entry ( 5 stars ) !!!
why do you insist ? to remove shape ?

why do you insist ? to remove shape ?

Everywhere in the world Black Friday/Cyber Monday works like this: You reduce the price of product expecting to cover the “losses” by selling more products. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday list gets more exposure to your item resulting in more sales to cover the “losses”.

When your product is not on that Black Friday/Cyber Monday list but you still ofer a 50% discount , all you get are the losses (no extra sales, no nothing). You only get the casual sales but with -50%.

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If you didn’t make the list, your item will not be offered at discount price. So, if your item was not selected, there is no need to remove it from anything.

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@PurpleFogSound Where are you getting this info from ? Please read again the official announcement available here:


What if my item isn’t chosen to be on the landing page?
We will only contact authors whose items have been selected for promotion on our campaign page. However, we will also be applying a 50% price reduction to anyone who submits interest in this campaign; we anticipate an increase in traffic to all marketplaces and therefore an opportunity for increased sales.

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Oops, my bad! Somehow I missed this important passage. Then, I’m the same as you. Not interested in the discount without the promotion.

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