Cyber Monday Campaign - results out today??


today some authors should be contacted for the cyber Monday campaign…
good luck to everyone who partecipated!


Yes, we have not received any email yet :frowning:


Thanks! You too :slight_smile:


Anyone got mail?


nope (( 90


So? Did anyone received the email?


Nothing here for now


I think it will start from 1st work day. Tomorrow… :slight_smile:


No news yet!?


They had to contact with chosen authors by 11 of november, so if you not contacted that probably means you are not good enough for landing page :smiley: (like me also)


6 days passed from declared time and ive received email today from envato team. How about you guys?


nope (( No news yet…


What did the email from Envato say?


I received an email a few minutes ago from Envato informing me that one of my tracks would be included in the Cyber Monday competition. I feel very honoured and I can’t wait to see what the selection of tracks sounds like!

Cyber Monday Campaign - VideoHive

Never say never!
I have received the email, too! I will be included!
let’s hope for the best

thanks Envato!


I received mail just now as well, happy camper :slight_smile:


Likewise :+1:


Did not receive an email, so seems to be I am passed again, as always. :stuck_out_tongue:


No email for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Got an email! I am excited to try this out :slight_smile: