Cyber Monday Banner Bug

Cyber Monday Banned was broken

Yeah, I noticed that… looks like it;s been taken down now. I had to hover over all of the banner to find the bit where you can actually click through to the items. Then when I got there, the pages took ages to load.

However, I’ve just had an email from one of the fine humanoids at the Envato compound to tell me that the promotion will be starting from tomorrow… probably so they can iron out all the bugs and what have you.

Not ideal, but better to having something late but working properly, than on time and not working properly!


I can’t see the banner? Can you post landing page?

where I can see the page of cyber monday ? :wink: @SpaceStockFootage

Even if I could find it in my browsing history, I’m assuming it’s not yet public for a good reason, so I’m pretty sure HQ wouldn’t be too keen on me sharing the link. I’m sure all will be revealed tomorrow though!

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Thank you !)

Looks like a few more things to fix up.

Got an email saying they will be launching tomorrow.


Do a search on google … you’ll find the link :slight_smile: