Cyber Monday 2018

Hello everyone,

One of my themes has been selected for Cyber Monday. Since it’s my first year on ThemeForest, I’ve never seen cyber Monday in action. So I wanted to know if some of you can share about it. Are the sales better than usual for this period ? Question might be stupid but I really don’t have a clue. Thanks

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Last year I had my item in this campaign. Sales didn’t go up, but price was 50% lower. So I changed the price back to normal and left the campaign a few days later. And I have a few contacts here who did the same. Waste of time. But give it a try, might be different for you


It didn’t do the trick for me either while the campaign was running.
However, I’ve seen at 30-50% increase in the following months to that specific item sales. (at the regular price)

Some people just don’t need your item at that point but if they like it they’ll buy it later.
Also, some people check their email late, and they’ll buy at regular price as well.

So it’s a very good exposure in the end.
Definitely worth to be in.


Thanks for the answers guys !

I entered a few these events. I’d suggest not to miss one surely!

From personal experience, my sales went up, in some campaigns they even doubled. After the campaign settles, sales are also better than usual. Don’t pull items out of the campaign, as these boosted sales come in waves, related to the ads, email lists and similar traffic being sent. Cheers!


Thanks a lot @dzeriho!

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