Cuts word on my home Carousel slide

Hello everyone, I hope I’ve made myself clear. My home page (in HTML) based on the Porto model has a carousel and some words are displayed truncated on smartphones. This problem is also present on the original Corporate 4 model. Is there a solution? Thank you
on PC
on smartphone

Code HTML :

						<div class="owl-item position-relative overlay overlay-show overlay-op-8 lazyload" data-bg-src="img2023/slides/slide-telechargement.jpg" style="background-size: cover; background-position: center;">
							<div class="container position-relative z-index-3 h-100">
								<div class="row justify-content-center align-items-center h-100">
									<div class="col-lg-6">
										<div class="d-flex flex-column align-items-center">

											<h2 class="text-color-light font-weight-extra-bold text-12 mb-3 appear-animation" data-appear-animation="blurIn" data-appear-animation-delay="500" data-plugin-options="{'minWindowWidth': 0}">TÉLÉCHARGER</h2>
											<p class="text-4 text-color-light font-weight-light opacity-7 text-center mb-0" data-plugin-animated-letters data-plugin-options="{'startDelay': 1000, 'minWindowWidth': 0, 'animationSpeed': 30}">Retrouvez une grande variété d'outils pédagogiques entièrement gratuits et adaptés à vos besoins.</p>

Get some support from the item author:


You can see why this happens and its because how responsive CSS adapts the text to fit the screen. Because you can see the differences, then my suggestion would be simple - use a HTML break tag in the text on your wording on that text


Retrouvez une grande variete d'outils pedagogiques<br>entierement gratuits et adaptes<br>a vos besoins.

But without my spelling errors :slight_smile:

It’s related to “word-break: break-all;” code on the style but the author should provide the support to remove it ( not sure which line or which file )

Thank you all very much. I have tried several solutions including those mentioned above or even hidden

but nothing works well. So I simply modified my sentences so that the words were no longer truncated.