Cut versions

I would like to make 3 versions for the same product. 30” 15” and 6”. Do i have to buy the license 3 times? Or is the one good enough.

Authors will sometimes make a track and offer it as a full version with edited versions such as 30, 15 and 10 second versions. All should be made available in the zip file to be sold as 1 item. It can help to sell an item or a buyer may request an alternative version - it is always easier to do this at the writing stage although I have done edits in audio-editing software before and made these available via re-uploading said item. There is no extra charge - customer is happy with additional edits and you could even do alternative mixes, again not charging extra.


The versions would be considered as “cut-downs” as defined in the license terms. They would be covered by a same license.


One is good enough bro. :blush: