Customizing Word Press Directory

I am looking to build a directory website. I have been looking at ListingPro and City2. I am curious if anyone has tried both and who can do installation and customization.

They both look good although listing pro has sold substantially more and still has a 5 star rating

You can probably find someone to install and customise at

Please, feel free to contact me via this link directly ( I can offer up to 30% discount ) or via Studio to discuss the details

It all depends what you wants to customize. You will find answer only when you start to customize things.
It is impossible to say this is good template and this is bad template for customization. Someone will change few things and other want to change whole site.
In that case is easier to make custom theme.

Can you brief out the customization that you are looking forward to…

I have a full description via pdf.

You may check iOS and android of listing directory that support for booking even.
You can easily list your employees and employers in Wordpress and app.
It will work with Wordpress as backend.