Customizing issues on a project page

Hey there,

I am using the Salient Theme and have following 3 issues on a project page:

  1. I have an excerpt below the featured project with other familiar projects. My problem right now is, that in this overview the featured project from above can also be shown. I would like to avoid that, by editing the css code if possible. (red comments in the screenshot)

  2. There is a problem with the image dimensions of each project excerpt, when resizing the window. Why does it happen and what can I do to solve this problem? (see green comments in the screenshot)

  3. I also would like to reposition the navigation bar from the bottom to a particular place over the footer (will be integrated later) Any tipps on that? (blue comments in the screenshot)

The URL of the page is:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Only the author of the theme could help you. Go to the support page and submit a ticket.