Customizing CouponXL


i’d like to purchase the CouponXL WP Theme, but before i’d like to clear some facts:

  1. Is it possible to make just a User section which can post own deals they found on the internet ? (Affiliate)
  2. Can i check and maybe edit the deal before activate the deal?
  3. can i change the size of the header picture?
    4)Is it possible to implement a pointing system? Like people get points for posting a deal, rating & commenting a deal?
  4. is it possible to add a newsletter entry?
  5. is it possible to add hover effects to the deals? (main page)
    7)can i see all registered users in the dashboard?

these are some of alot more customizing features id like to do - is this possible?


You would need to ask the author of the theme however - some of these are pretty heavy customisation and unless you are an expert then you will need quite a big budget to implement them; so much so that you may want to consider custom building a site hat meets all your requirements without having to rely on a third party author for updates etc.

p.s. point 2 - almost certainly never possible if the deals have come from/were created by someone else.

In case of customization, you can contact me via this link (contact form) :
or if you’re OK to pay a bit more (Studio Commission fee) we can work through there as well: