Customizing Bridge theme demo? How do it edit the home page?

Hey there, I’m using the bridge theme as it’s very high rated and designs are beautiful. However, I’m finding it an absolute nightmare to change anything. Changing elements on the homepage demo is really difficult - the only thing i’ve managed to change is the hero image and bridge has stretched my image until it’s huge, even though I uploaded 2500px as recommended. The Elementor editor has tons of code in the text areas and WP bakery seems super not intuitive. I’ve been watching tutorials but WP bakery interface looks totally different for the HP.

Can anyone advise is there something i’m missing here? It can’t be so hard to use if it’s so highly rated.

Cheers for any advice


Please check theme docuemntation hope you will get help there.

Otherwise please contact theme Author Bridge Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.