Customize X in Theme options button in wordpress isn't working

Hello everyone, totally new to all this and I’m not sure I’m actually typing my question in the correct place. Hopefully one of you techno whizzes will be able to help me!

So I managed to actually download X theme to wordpress but I’m now stuck, I want to select the ‘stack’ so I went to appearance then customise and clicked on the ‘Customise X in Theme options’ button and all I got was a swirly circle in the box and nothing more.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone replies with!

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You can contact with your purchase item author @THEMECO right here as a comments

Hope they will helped!


Thank you! I looked on Themeco but didn’t find an answer, I’m now hoping someone has posted a youtube video covering the problem I’m having! Thanks for your reply!


For any technical query about theme functionality the best process will be contact theme Author and let them know Contact X theme Author because they are best expert about their theme functionality, theme author will be happy to assist you.
As a newly purchased theme you have 6 month free Author support. So, please contact theme author and let them know.


Thank you for the link! Much appreciated!

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