Customize of theme

I need help with customizing some areas of the theme Autoria to meet our requirements. What we need is this. is a free online vehicle valuation guide and accident history database. The user will be able to query vehicle values by using drop-down menus on the webpage.

  1. Information will be stored in the database: year, make, model, registration, VIN & engine number, owner details & valuation amount, date of entry

  2. Database information will consist of multiple data entries for a variety of vehicles but also multiple entries for the same year make and model

  3. Where more than one record exists for a particular vehicle year make & model the result should be an average of the total valuation amounts covering a specified time frame e.g. 90 days. Therefore, if the valuation results over a 90 day period for 4 identical vehicles were 30k, 28k, 27k & 32k the result returned should be $29,000. No personal information to be provided

  4. Accident History search: search database by vehicle description, registration number, VIN or engine, or owner detail

I may be able to help you on this but it would cost. You can contact me to discuss few small details before starting the job

Ok, let’s talk contact. can you send me your direct contact