Customize Motors WordPress Theme

Hi there,

I have a WordPress theme called Motors and I have already had to customise this theme quite heavily to improve the user experience. However, I need some more changes made to it.

Firstly, when adding a vehicle to the database, the models of vehicles I can choose from don’t filter based on the make that I choose. I have uploaded a screenshot to explain what I mean. image

So for example, when I choose a Ford as a make, I should only be able to pick Fiesta or Focus as models. I have set these models to use the Ford make as it’s parent and it works fine when searching cars in the admin area but I believe that this hasn’t been set up when adding a new vehicle to the website.

Also when viewing the list of models on the website (see screenshot above), I need some way of being able to filter the models based on the make. So for example, if I choose Ford, it only shows me the Ford models.

Finally, I need a way of setting a status to a vehicle. Basically I need to be able to have a status so that a vehicle can be set as sold. When it is set as being sold it isn’t shown in the main search results but is still on the website. I then want a page similar to the search results but that only show sold vehicles rather than vehicles that are currently being sold. That would be the only place where I need sold vehicles to be shown.

I would prefer to work with someone who has used this theme before as it is quite a complex theme, so if you can send me an example of a site you have worked on which uses this theme then it would help you get the job. If you have any questions or anything that needs clarification, then please let me know. If you are clear on everything, than can you give me a rough estimate on price at this point?


Hello there,

I’m interested in the job offer but it’d be a bit hard to offer a rough price at this moment. IF you could send me the theme - gmail(at) I could review it quickly and offer a fixed price.

We could also work via Studio as long as you’re fine to pay also the commission.