Customize Bridge theme

Hello there.

I’m using Bridge - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme We would like to request for a plugin to be made with the following function.

  1. Able to make multiple form popup at everywhere
  2. Can custom design on the form
  3. Can custom design on the response
  4. Submitting different form will mail to different email
  5. Submitting the form will not refresh the page
  6. Submitting the form by Ajax call method and return response dynamically
  7. Able to get an embed shortcode for WordPress widget

Please let us know if it can be done. What is the duration and is there any cost for this.?


Contact with your item author @QODE hope they will solved your issue.

Or you can hire someone Programmer who can help you out from your issue.


Just to manage expectation the author is not going to do this for free.

As @unlockdesign said you can look to hire a freelancer at envato studio but you will need a sensible budget to achieve that list above

You can probably do at least part of it e.g. popups, using a different form with Ajax etc. all via individual plugins that already exist