Customize a theme - potential costs?



Hi there

I have recently purchased a theme and after having conversed with the sellers of it they have directed me here as I need some customization done.

The Theme I purchased does what I need to in the main but there are a couple of things that are irritating me and I would like to get changed so I was wondering what are the likely costs.

What’s needed? This is the theme:

  1. I don’t always want to show a date when my events come through

Once an event is opened, you’ll see there is When, Where and Cost.

When - the issue here is as mentioned above in the first instance. In the second it is concatinating things together and all I really want is the date where needed.

Where - again it’s joining things together. I don’t need them all.

How easy, and expensive, is it to modify something like this?


These do not sound like hugely complicated things to do - I’d suggest looking for a freelancer in as they are all envato vetted and you have a degree of official protection using the platform.

Good luck


Feel free to drop me an email, we could discuss the details.
You can also check some comments at Studio page, as well


Thank you charlie4282! That is perfect :smiley:


Hello ,

If you need help you can contact me.