Customization my item for buyers



Hello everyone!
I want my buyer to offer customization of my items. Can I write about it in the description of the item? It’s not against the rules Envato? Thanks for the advice and have a nice day =)

Thanks for the advice and have a nice day :grinning: :sunny:


I think you can do anything with your FAQ in your forum or tickets when you provide support for your customers.


Thanks for the reply! I think so too, but wanted to make sure. :wink:


No problem for this thing, I think have a lot of authors provide customized for their product, why not when you are the best choose for your customers with your product and provide customization service for them?


I agree. But I guess Envato wants to promote priority Envato Studio, that’s why I had concerns.


Keep in secret and just do anything you need to keep it, haha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello :smile:

Here is a helpful Help Center article which details what you can and can’t do with item promotion -

So you wouldn’t be able to offer customization services as an incentive to purchase.



Hello KingDog!
Thanks for the reply. Your link helped me find the right information. I saw this paragraph: “Provide installation, customization and premium support services above and beyond the Envato Market Item Support policy from your own website.” I wasn’t going to offer the services of customization as a bonus. I’m talking about additional services. Further details I want to place on your website. In the description of my item I just inform the buyer that it can order customization services. It’s a faithful interpretation of the rules?


Yes you can offer your services as long as it’s on your own website :smile: Your item pages, profile page and item documentation cannot contain links to outside services -