Customizable user\database and image search

Hello everyone,

I am making something similar to a dating website. I am looking for something that will allow my users to basically categorize themselves using categories and subcategories, and has the search results match and display users accordingly.

For example,
Option A: vegetables
Option B: fruits

Users can select both, or just one.

Once selected, it allows them to specify.

Option A: Vegetables —> 1) celery, 2) potatoes, 3) all of the above
Option B: Fruits --> 1) orange, 2) apple, 3) all of the above

Depending on what they select will dictate what they are categorized as, and what users will pop up in their search.

I am also looking for something that will allow pictures users upload to be searchable by other users.
So user A uploads a picture to the database. User B comes along and uploads a picture to be searched. This picture matches with user A’s picture. Results point to user A’s profile, which user B can now browse.

Please advise me on the best way to implement these features and whether a solution exists.


A custom work could be the solution. In case of interest, you can contact me:

I agree with ki-themes this sounds like a ‘custom work solution’ though the custom work is mainly back-end (the database bits) as you could.can fins a theme and then link/create the database for it. However, I would not suggest going that route as it could actually mean more work for the database engineer.

As far as database is concerned there are many out there - the most popular being MySQL (Maria now depending on your host) then linking via PHP or similar. The ‘problem’ I see is you say ‘So user A uploads a picture to the database. User B comes along and uploads a picture to be searched. This picture matches with user A’s picture.’ How will the picture be matched/searched? OR do you mean the picture is matched based on the profile options i.e.

‘A’ likes fruits and vegetables
’B’ likes cakes and fruits
’C’ likes cakes, fruits and vegetables

So the matching takes place on those options?

If so I have a very interesting, user friendly, ‘modern’ and fun way of doing that.

If you are interested in talking more please contact me via the form on my profile page
Cheers and have a good day

it works the same way google image search would work. If it finds the same image or close to it, it links to the user that originally uploaded the image.

So like, you take a picture of your dog, and you upload it to your profile. That picture is now linked with your profile.
Down the road, someone finds that picture of your dog on the internet - maybe in blog, or on imgur or whatever. They search that picture on the website. It finds a match, which is your profile, and then displays your profile to the searcher.

Does that make sense?

Yes understand - now what is your budget?


Please explain to me why my budget matters. It should cost X dollars to perform this task, correct? Maybe you can tell me what it would cost me for you to make this happen?


Hi TT17

Still not 100% sure EXACTLY what you mean, BUT a site to create profile and dynamically match images to the profile tags would be $65.00 - ie. sixty five