Customising Wordpress Themes

Ahoy There!

You know when you see a one page Wordpress theme and a lot of them will have a bunch of different sections on that one page… so maybe an image at the top, then some text, then features, meet the team, pricing, contact us etc etc. Do you have to use all of those sections, or are they modular, so you can get rid of any of the sections that you don;t want?

Or is it more of a ‘depends on the theme’ kind of vibe? I’m having trouble finding a one page Wordpress site that is exactly what I’m looking for. Well… the preview site isn’t what I’m looking for, but if possible to alter the page set-up then it might be exactly what I’m looking for. Don;t really want to shell out $50 or so to find out.

Just wanted to double check if there’s a standard set-up for the way these themes work or if I should be contacting individual authors of the themes I like.


Most themes you should be able to add sections as you need, either using a page builder plugin like Visual Composer or by using shortcodes.

Each theme is different though so it’s probably best to ask the author or check their documentation before you buy.

Cheers, will get in touch with the authors to double check!