Customise widget button to a hex color

Good Day,

I am using the widget called button but it only gives you a limited amount of colors to choose from. Is there a way where i can change the color of the button to a hex color

i am using wordpress and shopkeeper theme

Hi @Ellihandro,

Welcome to the forums! You can reach out to @getbowtied, the author of Shopkeeper theme, using this link:


Hi @Ellihandro,

Adrian here from GetBowtied. Thank you for choosing Shopkeeper. I am hoping you’ll be happy with it.

Choose “Custom” for the button style and it will allow you to pick custom colors. This is what you should be seeing on your screen:

And yes (thanks @LucaThemesCom) you can reach out to our support team via whenever you need help.


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Hi Adrian

Im not getting the same as you when i edit my button

im getting :