Customers should check thoroughly to make sure a plug-in works before buying it …

Would just like to vouch my dismay at the way in which Envato conducts itself when it comes to the plugins it sells on behalf of other coders.

Having bought a plug-in, that doesn’t work on a mobile browser. I asked Envato to refund me the money for the plug-in having waited 15 days for the author to reply.

When they did reply they asked for an ID for my support ticket. (In the meantime Ive a client waiting for a functioning website)

When Envato did get involved their reply … you bought it as it is ….

If it doesn’t function …. It doesn’t function


8 years on here and lots of purchases …. And that’s the level we are at ….

Won’t be another 8 with that kind of customer satisfaction …. It feels like we all about selling the code … whether it works on not !

What is the …. Criteria for working code on Envato ? As a matter of interest ?