Customers Share Purchase Code Inside Public Comments on Envato Items

A lot of customers share item purchase code inside public comments on envato items during item support query. They don’t know that it is a private key that they should not share publicly.

Envato must implement something that can inform or warn the customers, if they enter any purchase code or sensitive data inside public comments on items.


I agree with you, Anyway i report their comments immediately.


yes, I also report them but i think they remain open for public view around 10-12 hours because support team can’t check them immediately when customer publish them.

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I think once the comment is reported it is hidden but not deleted until the support team reviews it.

It’s not a problem, because registering to your support forum will automatically use an email address, so even if this is leaked, it’s basically useless.

In any case, I always report them and ask to have the code removed. These things happen! :slight_smile:

Well, I actually suggested one feature to Envato where we allow the end user to mark the comment as Private, which then will only be seen by the user and the product author / team.

Maybe something like that can be super helpful.

What you guys think?

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Yes, this option must be there!