Customer's Refund Request Not Appearing in Dashboard

I currently have a customer who had a problem with a template, and I was willing to refund him money. He has put a refund request through, but for some reason it has yet to appear in the “Refunds” section of
my author Dashboard (four days on).

What am I missing?

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Check this link for your customer refund request then let me know is it helpful or not

may be your customer didn’t submit the refund request in the correct link. So, tell then to send refund request again. and you will find the request in your dashboard Refund page.

Thanks, guys for the info and gotchas. I am fairly certain the customer clicked in the right place, he even showed me a screen grab from his phone showing a page with title “Your Refund Request has been Sent to the Author of this Item.”

Refund section in your dashboard is not the request you receive for your files, it is the refund status of files you purchased and requested for never get any info of refund requests from your customers in your dashboard, If Envato approves refund of your mentioned customer then it will appear in your statement page, and the respective amount will be deducted from your balance, Envato also inform you in mail, sometimes they don’t