Customers like Discovery Network


Yesterday i heard some track on a TV and i think it’s from AJ. So i wonder if there any customers like discovery or ng here? And what tracks they looking?



Any track that fits their production. There are no magic Discovery tracks, but I would guess they use more cinematic style music than other styles.


So short’n’informative :+1: thanks!



Many of the shows on Discovery nowadays are very low budget and they can be made out of 90% stock material. Take one of these interview type shows for example, where they would interview someone who has been in a plane crash, shark attack or similar. 100% of the footage that is not the actual interview is stock footage, and the music too, often from cheap sites like this one.


I try to sale my cheap tracks on cheap site ? :cry:


Was that a question?


It was a cry of my soul! :cry: :joy: