Customers holding authors money for ratings


Hi ,
Recently one of my item became trending and i saw great sales on it - . One of my buyer is holding me on rating . He asked for 20$ through paypal then he will remove bad ratings on my item , that is so disturbing since i have already asked for help from support team and no reply from 2-3 days . If i even send him 20$ through paypal which is wrong as per codecanyon terms then what is the proof that he will remove that bad rating . He is enjoying my product and updates and i cannot even apply for refund since only buyer can apply for refund . Is there a way that i refund my customer and his license will be no more valid and rating will be deleted . I have all emails from my customer which proofs that nothing is wrong with my item but he is just holding me for money , If anyone came across same situation please let me know what can i do . Your help is appreciated .



Contact the Help Team immediately and let them know all the details. We do not condone blackmail or coercion on the sites. Thanks!


Thanks for reply , already did 2 days ago ticket id is 287983


What happens to you has just a simple name:


No real help from support yet below are new emails from customer . Support says there is no way i can apply for refund nor i can flag the rating nor customer will remove rating before if gets money . Is this some kind of politics .

Ticket Id : 287983

New replies from customer when i asked to remove fake rating or apply for refund .


That is really bad. Hopefully this get’s sorted for you soon