Customers behavior

Hey guys, what do you think about the customers behavior, if they search music on AJ?

  • What is the share of search-and-choice from the “Bestsellers Music” page?
  • How many search for unique or different music?

If I see the “Bestsellers” page and see, how many old items there are and they are still the most sold items, then it seems, that this selection of a few items is enough for the most of the customers. That brings me to the question, how senseful it is, to upload new tracks again and again, if the most customers will never have a look at these?
It seems, that only a little part of our customers do “in depht” searches for music, which perfectly fits to their projects.But if we permanently upload new music, the chances for a customers choice drop obvioulsy.
What I also have noticed: If I do a search on AJ’s competitor P***5, then I dont see anything about sales counts of a track. That avoids the customer from thinking “Wow, that music has sold so often, it must be good. I want it too.” If there are no sales counts on a track, the customer evaluates the music on qualitiy criterias.and not on subjective things.
Or am I wrong with my thoughts?


Your thoughts are perfectly valid. These issues raised get repeated time and time again. Bestsellers remain bestsellers and exposure to these items allows them to continue to sell and why not. Some of these tracks are very good and deserve their bestselling status but the downside is that authors copy these tracks and the inevitable over-saturation of the marketplace takes place. Also due to self purchasing of tracks artificially promotes newer tracks so their entry to the bestselling list becomes obvious to those who have been here a while because the marketplace does not behave in the manner of a new track becomes a bestseller.
Solutions to these issues that you raise…

“It is what it is.”



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