Customers are in GraphicRiver(designers), but item is in CodeCanyon!!


Hi Guys,
I have launched a designer targeted item on Codecanyon, it’s kinda weird.

As you can see this is much more related to designers than programmers/developers, but due to terms and conditions of Envato I have no choice but put it in CodeCanyon. While this could have been much better to be listed on GraphicRiver.

The reviewer of the item suggested me that the GraphicRiver audience can be targeted by releasing item related to this in GraphicRiver, but not clearly sure how…

Any suggestions or feedback are welcomed.



envato is correct though. this can be use as a web-feature. people go the site, upload their image, then download the final output.

the final output can then be use to create some mock-up using PSD with smart objects, then upload to GR.


anyway, this is pretty cool!


Thanks Abel.
The final output is already a mock-up, actually intended to avoid Photoshop fully.
But your idea of using it to generate blank mock-ups using PSD with smart objects might work, Plus if Envato can allow to include the tools along with PSD mock-up, that would be great.

P.S. And yeah user don’t really need to go the site, they can very-much run it locally(offline) :smiley:


I;d push the fact that it’s web based and you don’t need Photoshop. You have done so in your description to an extent, but I think it should be more ‘shouted from the rooftops’.

At first glance it looks like somebody has mistakenly added a tri-fold template to the wrong marketplace. I’d start with the name and go for something like “Web Based Mockup Generator - Tri-Fold Edition”.

Sure, it’s a bit wordy, but it gives people a much better overview of what it is and what it does at a glance. It’s not that you don’t explain that in your description, it’s just that people might not read the description if they think it is what they think it is… when it’s actually something new and exciting!

Then I’d add some ‘Photoshop not Required’ action in the very first preview image, to grab the attention a bit more. Maybe get a bit ‘salesy’ as well, but not too much…

No Photoshop? No design skills? No problem! ‘Web Based Mockup Generator - Tri-Fold Edition’ is a new and exciting tool that allows you to make high quality, professional mockups in a matter of minutes. Even for seasoned Photoshop users, this indispensable new tool will break the shackles of smart object oppression, and allow you to experience true creative freedom in the scale, rotation, position, lighting and foldyness of your tri-fold creations. If you need mockups, then you need the Web Based Mockup Generator. Come with us on a journey of adventure as we bold mockup pioneers usher in a future of the most magnificent mockups the world has ever experienced. Take my hand… and click buy it now. You know it makes sense.

Ok, I maybe went a little bit too far there. But yeah, it’s a great item, you should pimp it out!


Awesome man!! I can’t thank more for such a heartly Suggestion.

I absolutely agree with:

At first glance it looks like somebody has mistakenly added a tri-fold template to the wrong marketplace.

In fact that’s the main thing that worries me a lot.

I’ll change it to “Web Based Mockup Generator - Print Edition”, and include pending bi-fold and stationary mock-up into it.

I will be taking words from our suggestion, hope you don’t mind :wink:

Once again,
Thank you very much. :relaxed:


Sure thing, no worries!


Hi this is pretty crazy tool :blush:

Just playing with demo, I have realised that maybe you could add also the option to remove item from stage (if someone have built nice composition but he have added too many items or something like that).

You’re right that tool is great for designers, but the category is correct on the other side. True is that I wouldnt search for something like this outside GR. Maybe Envato will mention it in some blog or newsletter to promote it more, since its quite unique and innovative.

Good Luck with sales, Soul :sunny:


Thanks Soul, I will be adding the remove(delete) button shortly :+1: