Customer Support

Customer support is nowhere to be found. Is there a ticket system where users can report something not working on the site or get information about or other envato marketplace “products”?


Here is envato market help center you can open ticket and get support.


Thank you much appreciated… how come this link isn’t available on the footer as link and on the help site as a “contact us” link? Thanks again and happy new year :slight_smile:

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That link is exist at envato market footer area

Hi unlockdesign,

Yep, that link is there, but the it won’t land on a page where customers could submit a support request (like the form on the page at the link you so kindly provided).


good afternoon, Just recently purchased this program unfortunately I did not realize that in my search I had gone from apple motion to After Effects and I do not have After effects is it possible to work this out so that I can get something that I can use??

Yes that’s true!! there are many category you have to chose/select that then you are able to open tickets.

That makes for a bad UX… That is why I suggested to reach out to someone at Envato who could hopefully do something to make the link you sent me more readily accessible to everyone. Thanks again unlockdesign! :slight_smile: