Customer support?


What can a customer do except being patient when proper product service is not provided?

The product I have bought is from an “Exclusive author” and I have also bought extended 6 months support.
I don’t get proper feedback from the author and I receive no or very little information about the time frame to solve the issues. My problem is that I have built an entire website on that theme and can hardly imagine to move to another theme.

I have been waiting for several weeks now. How can the author be pushed to deliver the promised service?


Author is responsible for minimum 6 month support if that item supported.
But He is not responsible for customization of theme installation.

How to contact with author:

If author didn’t give you support then dispute/report with Envato Help for that author from here

still have any question post here or knock help center



Is it a genuine bug with the item or is it outside scope of the demo and something which the author is offering to help with?

Don’t forget that sometimes emails are in spam or are sent from you but not received by him.

If you don’t receive email for him, send in item’s comments section, simple post like i sent support email but no response, please check…

Cheers and good luck.


It’s a bug which occurred after the author removed a dollar sign in a comment field. Now the form consist of a few fields against the complete form with far more fields. If you follow the link to QTC Media page then you can see my posts where I explain and ask for help during a long time.


Looking at the support thread - just to be clear:

  • the edit the author made which removed the fields i.e. changing the $ - this was outside of the original demo and something you needed doing?

  • there seems to be another request about adding Stripe integration?

While it should be easy enough to revert back to how the item originally was, both of these requests sound at least like customisations?

If that is the case then there is no way to pressure the author or enforce response times, as rehardless of what the auhtor has offered to help with, this would be outside of scope for support and not an official requirement

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I did translate and change currency where I could, but there was no option for me to change the Dollar sign. Thats why I asked for help from the author.

The Stripe addition I have done myself and is working. It is the author who claims that Stripe is causing a major part of he form to disappear. This is strange. If you see my ticket then only after the removal of the Dollar sign the remaining part of the form disappeared.

It’s good you have fixed at least part of it.

The issue is that both of these features sounds like they are beyond the standard demo so this means that envato would not be able to step in to make the author respond any quicker

I think you have misunderstood the case.

I did translate all what I could, but there was no way I could have removed the Dollar sign. I selected ”Danish Kroner” as the currency but the dollar signed remained and it is not possible for me to change it. I am not able to change his scripts etc. I am just an ordinary user.

I have not asked him to integrate Stripe. I have done it myself. His claim is that it is Stripe which causes the a major part of the form to disappear. That sounds weird.

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Hi @MaherSaqib

According to Support Policy Author must responsible to give you answer. You can ask them any technology related or Item features related issues to Author. So please contact Author and please make sure you have within the support Timeframe.

If you facing problem with getting support then you can submit your report at


This is not relevant in this case, and envato shouldn’t get involved.

If the item did not contain any other currencies other than the $ then the author is not in any way obliged to resolve it.

I am sure there will be authors who will step up and try to help (as it sounds the author here has). However, the OP is asking about time frames for support and envato have no right to get involved in putting pressure on the author to deliver something which was not in the approved version.

My advice would be to email them again and politely ask if they have a timeline in mind to complete the request, or alternatively hire a freelancers from

Then the author should tell me that it costs extra instead of ignoring me.
Even that is not right I suppose: This is the setup options which I had used and still the Dollar sign appeared.


That screenshot looks like it should change things and having shown us that it may be worth reaching out one more time to the author and maybe envato

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I have the theme “Earth.” The website using this theme was built by a third party vendor we no longer work with. The theme has not been updated for several years. Do I have to purchase the theme to get the latest update? The reason I need the update - the Event Calendar has a pull-down menu to select a date by month and year. It doesn’t go past Dec. 2016, even though we have been posting events regularly since then. Is there a way to fix this without getting the latest update?

That $ sign maybe is hard-coded on the code itself. And maybe due to that, might be transforming some word into a variable, which maybe is causing the problem with your contact form.
Best regards.