Customer support

i recently made a purchase on envato and the purchase does not allow me to use it as it keeps saying invalid key please kindly assist me

You should contact the author of the item, as they’ll be the best person to provide support.

The author does not reply to mails or even to chat

@SpaceStockFootage is correct that the author is the person to help.

  • How long ago did you try to contact them?

  • Do they definitely claim to support the item on the item page (tab above main item image)

  • What do you mean by “even to chat”? Never heard of authors providing support any other way than by email?

In terms of an invalid key - when do you get this message? You shouldn’t have to use a license code to use the theme?

Are you sure this is not because you are trying to activate bundled plugins?

You can’t do this and do not need to for the item to work.

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The license code does not work…much will be appreciated…i chat the author on skype and he does not reply.

I can completely understand why an author would not want to reply to support via Skype generally but especially on a Sunday. What time zone are they in?

What about the other points?