Customer reselling our product and we should just look!

We found one of our customers reselling our products in their country without purchasing additional licenses.
We have obvious proof for our claim.
The problem is that the customer sells our product and forwards their customers’ support requests to our support team and we should answer them!
How does Envato support vendors in the same cases?
What should we do?
We have reported another case to Envato before that a user published our product on a nulled community website and Envato forwarded us a canned message without taking any effective action on the customer account!
Why should we provide support for this customer that paid for our product and earned 10x?
Hope anyone helps us to resolve this major problem.

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I don’t think any solution will be provided except you’d get a reply from the support " we will check the details and take the actions as necessary "

I understand your frustration but you cannot be certain about any of what you are saying, left alone providing proof. This is a lost argument, so just provide the regular support and move.

Fortunately this is not regular customer behavior.