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So I recently got an unfair 3 star rating from one of my customers and I’m really disappointed about it because I have no way of contacting that customer to resolve the issue and the reason why I got that rating is not clear! No contact form is shown on their profile and envato doesn’t share customer informations (email) with authors!

The reason why I got 3 stars?

“Thank you for your support to Turkey.” - Customer

It’s not even clear! Is that fair?! I got (44) 5 stars and 5.0 overall rating on my item and this new 3 star rating made it 4.96 which is unacceptable! I already replied on that rating but the customer does not respond! I really hate seeing my overall ratings to drop from 5.0, So what should I do?

are you serious ? why it is unacceptable ? customer rate as they wish we do not talk here about a 1 start but you cant force every of your customer to give you 5 star. Stars rating are at the customer discretion and how they like your product.

I’m okay with the 3 star rating but the reason seems to be a bit far away. I always want my customers to be satisfied with my products and that’s why I think lower ratings means something is wrong about it.

I guess you don’t really care about item ratings and customer satisfaction, do you?

i care about it but for sure i will not open a forum post to complaint if i do not receive a 5 star over 200 review.

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Not all customers will leave details on their ratings as you are expecting of this one.

Some will rate 3 or 4 stars because it’s good but they ran into trouble somewhere (though it was resolved) which made them unhappy. Others will rate 3 or 4 stars simply because they weren’t “amazed enough” by the product (yes I am serious, these people exist and pop up more often than you’d believe).

4.96 rating is very good. Most customers look at the visual stars and not the rating. 4.75 is the threshold to go down to 4.5 visual stars, you’re still far away.

Do not bother your customer over this or they may even get irritated and lower the rating.


What are you saying? See the reason for the rating what the customer gave? It’s obvious that is unacceptable and so the OP would like to clarify and help the customer about the issue which he/she facing. Why anyone will like to have 3 star rating which they can get 5 stars by solving customer’s issue?

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The comment isn’t the reason why you got 3 stars. You got three stars because the buyer decided to give you three stars and then he just happened to also leave you a comment saying ‘thank you for your support to Turkey’. I mean, if he’d left five stars but with the same comment, would you feel that was unfair, as the comment doesn’t really relate to the quality of the item?

Leaving three stars also doesn’t automatically have to mean that the customer has some kind of issue with it… I mean, just having an ‘issue-free’ theme shouldn’t automatically mean you’ll get five stars ever time. He may have purchased a theme previously and just preferred the overall look, feel, usability and functionality of that one, so decided to score it less.

That’s the thing with customer reviews… get enough of them and you’re always going to get the odd review that’s less than 100%. Some people are just harder to please. On the bright side, a less than 5 star review adds a touch of authenticity to it… all 100% could look a bit suspicious!

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its really hard to guess why they give less than 3
but main reason is they don’t know its impact on item and item author feelings

in business, there is no value for item author feelings (harsh reality)
but still item gets impacted.

think of it this way…when we use uber and not satisfied with driver service even 1% we give less rating and we don’t bother about its impact on his earnings, future etc…

if customers knows the impact of ratings…they may act more responsibly but thats not the case 100%.

Yeah and some customers are also using the rating system for blackmailing authors.

Yeah and I’m ok with it now but it still feels like my item was treated like a trash.