customer note on downloads

Hi there, could you really add a optional personnal note field and the date of purchase under the item in the download section ? that would really help your customer to:

  1. add a personal reference (project client, number …) when buying a theme
  2. quickly identify which product was for which project when it come to update the licence key for example
  3. add the appropriate licence to the right website (theme forest for example)

With the recent Avada policy change regarding activation, if you have several purchases, it will quickly become a mess to distribute the licences to the right website (unless you create your own licence list on your computer, which i think it’s not the customer responsibility). I have actually “only” 2 avada purchases, but i’m thinking of people who have lot more… I believe it’s not a huge technical challenge for you but for sure it will be an improvement for the customer service.

Thank you to consider this request seriously.

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