customer multi part order completion tracking

is there any app that I can use to track customer orders for internal use only (customer view not necessary). I cant use your average order tracking software because many of my orders have multiple parts I have to track individually AND some parts are delivered to the customer before the entire order is completed. The costumer is also charged as they receive each part of the order.

Any help is appreciated, thank you !

perhaps I didnt leave enough information

this is completely internal and has nothing to do with any online store.

Quick example anyone can understand (fictional):
Home services for the elderly, customer orders: Sidewalk cleaning, driveway restoration, roof repair.
This will be all in one order but the customer will pay as each task is completed and depending on scheduling, this can be over several different weeks. I need software to create a single order number, then track each task separately and charge when each task is completed and not wait till the entire order is complete.

Real example of my business
I have a courier business but we do not work in a conventional way, we actually have not seen any other courier work like we do.

A customer makes one order BUT that order may be transported in several different trips and depending on the products, it may be over the span of several weeks. So if a customer orders 5 different products, I will deliver said products as they become available but I need to track when each product was delivered separately and charge the customer individually if it was in fact delivered separately.

I would like to print a tracking number and attach it to the product when it arrives at my warehouse. Then I can scan that barcode when the product is loaded to the trucks and scan it again when the driver delivers the product.

Is there anything like that available?

ill probably never get a response. Ive actually been looking for this kind of software for years and recently discovered envato and was surprised that none my google searches ever showed results from envato

im still holding out, hopefully someone comes trough for me