Customer doesn't hear me

I have a customer who keeps asking for support. I’ve sent email as a respond but after two days he keeps asking again like he doesn’t received email at all. And is getting angry. Few similar emails already, but it seems he doesn’t read it or receive it.

Did you experienced something like this? Is it possible that customer really doesn’t receive emails (hotmail address) or this is some joke? I even left a message on my theme description for him but it doesn’t help so I will probably get bad review at the end.

It happened to me once before, but it was server’s email address, but this is hotmail address.

I had a similar issue with one of my customers.

I already replied to their email but after one day I got a new mail with the same subject from the same customer.

I used to use a custom email inside my gmail. Then, later I saw that my server didn’t submitted the reply back to the customer. This was the problem.

Test your email by sending a test message to another email (if you have a second email for example).

Otherwise, if you are sure your email are being sent to the client but he keeps sending same email, then you should contact Envato Support Team, through a ticket.


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Just tested my email and it sends emails to another address without problem. Now I even sent email to customer using another email address so we will see.

He doesn’t send same email all time but it looks like he didn’t get email and is asking again same question, saying if I don’t answer he will ask for refund and such things…

Maybe he is just searching for a reason to ask for a refund

In this case you should contact Envato Support Team, through a ticket and explain the issue with the customer. :slight_smile:

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That’s why you should use “comments page” or a custom website to log the history for item support to prevent these problems

It is not common problem, really, maybe happened two times before.

Besides that I suppose if customer really asks for help he would write his question in theme comments as well.

Never use email for support. Support should go into support forum or some sort of specialized tickets system. Never email.

@GDragoN why? can you explain?

That is a bit crazy, no?
There are systems like Helpscout, that do email support, amazingly.

@KanonidisBasilis any argument except “crazy”?

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Not for oyu my friend, for who said that email is not an option! :slight_smile:

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You need to set support boundaries, or you will end up working for your customers doing things that they are not entitled to get when they make the purchase, first of all, your free time. Set the support time for each day, set up the support handling system (your own, or third party system), and that will help to manage support efficiently. Emails can get lost if your customer has some restrictive mail server refusing emails from unknown sources, or they have configured it wrong. You will end up spending a lot of time on doing things you should not be doing. Also, having support system ensures that you answer questions once, and other customers can see these answers, and that will end up beneficial to you, since you will not waste time answering same questions.