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I recently translated the in-built en_US file to Hungarian, and made the needed hu_HU files (.po files).
Unfortunately the plugin does not apply the Hungarian language files, but my wordpress site works on Hungarian language settings without problem.
How can I switch the plugin to use the Hungarian language? I see in the plugin’s directory in the language folder an empty index.php file, but I do not know what to do with it, what to write in it.
Can anbody help me with this issue?

Thank you.



Hello ! :slight_smile:
Here is their support information for they have listed under their support tab.
Hope that helps! :thumbsup:



Thanks. Not really. All basic informations I have already found.

Here’s the thing: I already red the plugin user guide, I placed tickets twice for the plugin author for support and once I sent them a message on their main website. But no answer, no support or anything in more than a week.

So, what I’d need really is a program code that I should write in the index.php file in the plugin’s language folder so that it could use the HU language instead of US.

Anyone can help me with this code maybe?

Thank you.


please check comment, you can comment, may be they reply. they have team.

you can use this for Translation Editor :
i hope, that helps! :slight_smile:



Thank you. I checked it, but the language switcher plugins do not help (WPML, Polylang and others).
I used already the poeditor, I already have the hu_HU .po and .mo files. I also put them in the language folder.

If I use e.g. Polylang plugin, that ruins my page. In basic settings of WP for language my site is already set to Hungarian. By this I had no any problem before to use anything in Hungarian automatically, even WooCommerce is in Hungarian from the start.

But now it is different. In this plugin’s language folder there is an empty index.php file. Maybe there I should write a command line to use the hu_HU instead of us_US, and to use my hu_HU files that I made.

I will write them in the comments, too, and I will see. Also Envato Help desk pushes them for answering my ticket for support.

I do not know why they cannot answer on my officially stared ticket for support.

Thank you.


welcome, i think They have so many support request so they are very busy, keep some patient, they will defiantly reply you, Best of luck :thumbsup:


At the end I asked the help of Envato Help desk. They were very supportive, but even they did not manage to get in contact with the author.
So, then I asked for full refund and I got my money back. On the same day I bought another plugin from another author which was more expensive, but there was full support from day zero!
Now it is March 30. The ticket of proword is still unresponded. It is not a support!


Ohh, That’s Cool :slight_smile: