Customer/Client portal

Hi, I’m looking for a wordpress theme or add-on for a customer portal. So when the client types in my website and from my homepage the client can log in using the username and password that I created for that specific client.

In the portal the client will have access to all the things relating to the job that I’m doing for them. There will be a section where they can monitor the progress of the job. where from my side I will post daily updates with pictures and notes and the customer/client can view this to stay up to date. They can also post comments or pictures on these updates. They can also pay me from here and access their invoices and such.

So does such a thing exist? Even if its not wordpress let me know.


There may be some kind of project management item in CodeCanyon but

a) it won’t have all that and require customisation and

b) there are a ton of great free and premium tools out there that you can even white label in some cases. These were built for this purpose and subscribing to those removes the headache of maintenance, updates, hosting, security and will almost certainly mean you and the client have a much better solution