Customer asking for stems


Just got a message from a perspective customer asking if after they purchase one of my tracks I would be able to send them the stems from it for easier editing, is that something that is allowed within audiojungle’s terms of use?



I understand the client is asking for short versions of the track?

No, like the individual instrumental track stems (e.g. strings stem, piano stem, percussion stem, etc

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Asking for stems of each instrument in your track is a very common request for a customer of higher end project such as mixing a final TV ad or scene in a film. You should ask them why they want the stems? What kind of project they are mixing? and then you should charge them $1000 to render the stems. This is what I do. Then you should demand a copy or link to the final project so you can inform your PRO of the project, register the title, and then collect performance royalties for broadcast usage.

If they write back saying they do not have money for the labor to pull stems and this is not a broadcast TV project then do not bother doing the work or rendering the stems.

Usually a request for stems means the project is more high profile, going to be broadcast on TV, and needs more special attention and control over the final mix to picture. Look at this is an opportunity to make a lot more money…and not just an extra $1000 for pulling the stems, but perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in back end peroformance royalties from your PRO if this project gets broadcast on TV as a commercial for example.


Thanks for the advice!

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Hi @JosiahJohnsonStudios! I did it once, about 4 or 5 years ago. This is the track they needed the stems.

I charged $100 for each stem and they asked me to merge a few of them so it ended up being about $500 total. They did send me the final footage and it was a social impact campaing published in online platforms only.

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what wonderful music!

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