Customer asking for IPI


I was wondering if other Author’s have experience with someone claiming to be from a PRO (specifically the Romanian Musical Performing and Mechanical Rights Society (UCMR-ADA)) informing me my song they have purchased was used in a tv ad in their country and they can give me royalties with I give them my SOCAN PRO IPI number? Is there anything I should be concerned about with sending them my IPI number?

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Give them your IPI number. That is why it was created. You should have it posted on every track.

You are very lucky, most buyers don’t care. Especially when it comes to adverts. I have gotten nice royalties from Romania so maybe they still take care and do it manually.

I just have to ask, what did you think might happen? IPI numbers are made to be posted everywhere so that you at least can collect 10% of what you are owed!

With your 3,000+ sales you are likely missing out on tens of thousands of $$$ from broadcast.


Did you decide what to do @FatOwlProductions ?