Custom Work and Partnership


I am looking for a custom work and partnership (PSD Designer) that has already PSD approved item. Email me if you’re interested…


Hello friend,
Before any thing else, let me introduce about myself. My name is Van. Im a webdesigner and freelancer. I’m really interesting with your product (Custom Work and Partnership) which you’re sale on themeforest. So I would like to convert this PSD version to Joomla, OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop. I think this is a good copporation between us.
If you agree with my suggestion, could you please sale this product and send us the license id of your product to me. I will base on your PSD and create my own one. If Themeforest approve my submittion, then my product can be sole and you will receive the compensate rate for every sale of mine on Themeforest. Its sound really interesting.
So how do you think about my suppose.
Please give feedback to me asap. Thanks in advance for your prompt attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best Wishes,

Are you an official representative of Vimeo?

I am interested to work on your projects, shoto me an email with more details.

why you ask that?

That was aimed at saihoai… he was using the Vimeo logo as his avatar for some strange reason.

I thought that question is for me… this forum is now confusing :smile:

Yeah, you did quote the wrong person when replying to me, so yeah… it’s not always that straightforward!