Custom views for different types of users on Shopify

Hi there! A quick question about Shopify themes. Is there any way to differentiate between what is shown to different types of users on a web-site? Like if you are a guest user, you see one content, if you’re a registered user, you see some other content. If you are an admin, you can see some extra content not visible to guests and registered users.

By different content I mean snippets of information on the same page that is shown to all users: like some ID, wholesale price, contact information of a manufacturer.

Another ability that would be useful is for an admin to switch between views, like “View As” on Facebook.

All I need at the moment is to be aware of the technical possibilities to implement this, to put it into my visual prototype and work specifications document.

Ideally, if you could point me at the right tools: widgets, libraries, etc.

Thank you in advance.