Custom script order (simple image generator)

Hello, I looking for php programmer who can write a simple php-script where text converts to few images with custom design.

user inputs: text, upload one-image

PHP-script output:
Using text and uploaded-image from the user, the script generates 10 images with custom size (50x50, 100x100x etc.) and it quickly creates beautiful design images, that I can use for plates. I’m tired to create simple placeholder graphics in Photoshop.It takes too long, and I always have to do it, it’s better to run a script and output 10 images with this custom text and simple graphics (kind of an icon)

Who can do it, please?

Please contact me for details. How much would you ask for the script and how long it’s going to take you to make it.

Hi, would take at all 1-2 hours maximum and I’d be happy with 50$. :smile: If you’re interested just contact me. :slight_smile:

Hello, I still looking, ki-themes is still thinking and Elicode have not replied for some reason.
If anyone is interesting, please contact me or email to