Custom pricing opens enormous opportunities for AJ point of sale.

The more I think about it, with custom pricing, Audio jungle should make embedding an item a priority. We should be able to embed a song and sell it right there on our own website, facebook pages etc. I can’t think of a good reason not to do this. I’d certainly have no problem selling a sound design pack for a base price of $100 on my site.

Hell, you could even make products that are only visible when embedded and don’t show up on the regular audio jungle site. There’s a lot you could do with.

But if you’re going to bypass a library why not just make your own checkout instead and not lose the additional fees?

I’ve looked around. Shopify, Gumroad etc charge fee’s for each purchase. It all costs money. This way, it’s all in one place.

Fair enough. I don’t know myself but maybe another author knows of a way to sell from your own site without needing a host. But maybe talking about selling music away from AJ is against the rules so good luck with whatever you end up doing

But I’m not talking about selling music away from audio jungle. The mechanism for buying music would be audio jungle

They all cost a fraction of the cut AJ takes though. Like pennies on the dollar.

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Fair enough but when you said you could embed an item that doesn’t even show up on AJ anyway it made more sense to me to just host and sell it yourself without giving up a cut.