Custom Post Types and Shortcodes in new WordPress Theme

Currently we are developing a WordPress theme we hope we can get to sell it on ThemeForest, doing the Theme Check i see this issues:

WARNING: The theme uses the add_shortcode() function. Custom post-content shortcodes are plugin-territory functionality.
WARNING: The theme uses the register_taxonomy() function, which is plugin-territory functionality.
WARNING: The theme uses the register_post_type() function, which is plugin-territory functionality.

This means I can’t register a Post_Type in the theme itself right?
What would be then the best option to include my “Portfolio” post_type and all the custom shortcodes?
I was thinking to create a custom plugin and include it with TGM, is this the best option?


Yes. You can’t register a Post Type in the theme itself.
You must create plugins for your custom post type and your shortcode and use TGM to activate them.
TGM seems to be a great solution and is also well known by users.

You can create just one plugin to include your CPTs, shortcodes and stuff like that. No need for separate plugins for each of those features, but it’s up to you.

Thanks both for the comments!
I’m gonna create a plugin and add it to the theme with TGM

I’ve also noticed than Theme Check show some errors in Redux Option Panel files, I googled it and found this entry from Redux

Do you know if this would be a problem to get the theme accepted in ThemeForest?


It will not be a poblem to be accepted. Reviewers know about these warnings and errors. You can add in comment for reviewer that comes from Redux Framework and past the link you provide.
A lot of Wordpress theme accepted on ThemeForest use Redux Framework.